Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dancing slowly in an empty room...

I gave notice today to my current nanny family about Italy.

Italy is just 22 days away now. !

Homework needs to be my priority, as Finals week just happens to coincide with flying-to-Rome week. Yes, I have a Linguistics Final the morning before I fly out. How awesome is that? I have a lot of homework to do still but the weekend is now calling for SNOW and cold temps. Hibernation, here I come.

I had planned to have a garage sale at my sister's on Saturday. Pretty sure no one will come in snow and 30-degree weather though, ahaha. Not like I'd want to sit out there myself. I have stuff I need to get rid of but don't have time to put it all on craigslist + most of it is clothes. I've donated so much of my stuff that I thought maybe I could use a little extra money from selling things. Looks like I'll have to list just a select few things on eBay. That's all I have time for.

Oh! I purchased my unlocked cell phone last night too. It's an LG Cookie and super cute. Even though I assume using the internet via phone would be super expensive with a prepaid sim card, I got a phone with internet anyway so I could still use it later if needed. My iPhone should be able to work like an iPod over there via wifi. At least, I'm really hoping it does.

Have to get up early tomorrow to bring my car to the dealership. They messed up my windshield wipers back in January and I've had to reschedule my return appointment at least 500 times since then because of weather. Of course, Mother Nature chose tomorrow to rain so I can't see (w/o the wipers, obvs). Sigh.

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  1. Rain X Baby! It's a good substitute when the wipers don't work!