Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'tis the season... to be healthy

I need to get better about doing many things (one being updating this blog more regularly!). When I set goals, I usually reach them. I am moving to Colorado soon, one of the health capitals of the US. I want to go outdoors more- you can't do that here in MN over half the year. I need to just workout more in general again. I love Sports Authority and tend to get my workout gear there. Tonight, I found an awesome giveaway (ends 10/6) just in time!:

Shibley Smiles $250 Sports Authority giftcard giveaway

There's another link to SA videos for different fitness styles to fit everyone's lives. I liked the Yoga Essentials one, as when I do get exercise, it is usually stretching and yoga poses. I would love to try the yoga block and resistance bands but the mat is a great investment. Well mine was free because of my old job but either way- I would have bought one. They're affordable so the investment isn't huge. Anyway, it's far more pleasant than trying to workout on a wood floor!

If I won the wonderful prize from Shibley Smiles and Sports Authority, I would use it for the above pieces, as well as more workout gear (yoga pants! new shoes!). Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

**yoga tree pose picture from here