Friday, March 18, 2011

don't need nothin' but a good time...

What a week. Daylight Savings time seemed to have gotten the best of everyone. We're all tired; our schedules are off and general weirdness has ensued.

I did hear back from my family in Italy again and they sent me pictures of themselves! That was the highlight of my week. They seem to really love outdoor activities, which will be perfect in summer in Rome. They are 15 minutes from the city's center and 20 minutes from the Mediterranean.

My flight is still not booked though. I don't have a departure date yet and it is causing me a lot of anxiety. Airfare is going up because of all the ordeals in the middle east and everything that has happened in Japan. I don't mean to sound selfish by mentioning that but prices had already gone up $500 since I first started searching 6 months ago so to have it go up another $200 in a day is huge. I won't be able to afford a flight if it stays that high.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cutest blog in the land

This site specializes in reviews and giveaways... I also think the layout is ADORABLE

I entered to win a SodaStream;) I love those things. The family I nanny for in the US has one and the kids love using it for a special treat. The syrups do come in diet and low calorie versions so a typical drink can be 35 calories! I don't drink regular soda often at all so this invention is awesome. The giveaway includes not only a sample pack of these syrups but 3 full size bottles as well. LOVE.

Soda Stream.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i get by with a little help from my friends...

On Tuesday, I had a good feeling about something. I wasn't sure what but I knew the thought of a good Tuesday was rare. After I got ready for the day, I checked my email and low and behold, there was an email saying there might be a match for me with a host family in Rome! Now if you've been following what little I've posted of this upcoming journey so far, you might be thinking, "aren't you leaving REALLY soon?" The answer is: yes. 7 weeks from today, I believe. WHOA.

The timeline for finding a host family is actually on track. Those things do not happen several months in advance (plus wouldn't that leave a ton of room for either party to change their mind?). Approximately 8 weeks before departure is when I was told they started matching families. It makes sense to me but those around me seem to be panicking *for* me. LOL Since this is not a definite match yet and I have not directly spoken with this family, I don't want to lay out the details yet of what I know of them. I'll wait until all of that is concrete- whether it's with them or another family. Otherwise, we'll all be bombarded with details that may not even be needed.

I had Italian class on Monday night and realized how much I really enjoy going there. I'm not around a ton of people in my line of work (just kids) so it is nice to be around adults for 1.5 hours a week. Ha! I feel like I'm learning so much in there and am excited to learn more on my own but the truth is, my Italian is lacking. I am trying though and will continue to try in Italy. I just picked up 4 new audiobook sets from the library to add to my computer and iPod. My first priority is still finishing my schoolwork before I go, obviously. That I am not yet caught up in. Grad school is hard. I don't have actual deadlines but I'm not caught up as far as I feel I should be.

Enjoying my cup of lavender tea before bed. Yeah, it's not even 9:30pm and I'm dead-tired. That's how it is all winter. There's no sun so you feel like a sloth all day and can take a nap at any moment. Imagine that for 8 months of the year. I keep changing it but this year, it will be 8 months of pretty much winter. GROSS!

The Roman sun is calling my name.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

there ain't no doubt I love this land...

Excuse the cheesy blog entry title but MY PASSPORT HAS ARRIVED!!! I received an email last Wednesday morning, saying it would be delivered the following Monday. Imagine my surprise when 2 hours later, the mail truck showed up in my driveway (never happens) and I watched the mail lady pull out a USPS flat rate envelope in slow motion... I knew it was my passport and super EARLY too! It only took about 2 weeks to renew it.

I was so happy, "Proud To Be An American" popped into my head when I opened it. ahaha I'm serious. I liked how the actual picture was attached to the old ones, instead of being scanned onto the new ones but the new passports are beautiful.

So now, I sit back for a bit and wait to hear about my new Italian family and which area of Rome I will be living in.

There are only 8 weeks left.

YIKES! While this is all so exciting and I can't wait, I still have a lot to do! Everything I own has to be donated, sold or boxed. Plus, I'm taking my Grad courses at the same time, so there are those.

Lets do this!