Tuesday, March 1, 2011

there ain't no doubt I love this land...

Excuse the cheesy blog entry title but MY PASSPORT HAS ARRIVED!!! I received an email last Wednesday morning, saying it would be delivered the following Monday. Imagine my surprise when 2 hours later, the mail truck showed up in my driveway (never happens) and I watched the mail lady pull out a USPS flat rate envelope in slow motion... I knew it was my passport and super EARLY too! It only took about 2 weeks to renew it.

I was so happy, "Proud To Be An American" popped into my head when I opened it. ahaha I'm serious. I liked how the actual picture was attached to the old ones, instead of being scanned onto the new ones but the new passports are beautiful.

So now, I sit back for a bit and wait to hear about my new Italian family and which area of Rome I will be living in.

There are only 8 weeks left.

YIKES! While this is all so exciting and I can't wait, I still have a lot to do! Everything I own has to be donated, sold or boxed. Plus, I'm taking my Grad courses at the same time, so there are those.

Lets do this!


  1. So excited for you & the amazing opportunity you are about to experience! Hey I will take any shoes/clothes/accessories you don't want to pack up to take with you! :) Praying you have a safe adventure, lots of fun & make wonderful friends & memories.

  2. Thank you, Gretta! (and sorry, I need to fix my comment alerts! ha!).

    Oh I have tons of brand new items ;)