Sunday, May 8, 2011

forget what you've heard. it's not true.

Day 3 in Rome and I'm already worn out. After yesterday's 20 mile hike in heels, I spent today riding around the city's centre by bike. Now, you may have heard that everyone in Italy likes to do things leisurely. Either this isn't true or I am living with the exceptions to the rule LOL I think everytime we go somewhere, it's like being in a triathalon. I cannot ride bike very fast- it's always been a slower-paced, scenic activity for me. Hiking is not a common activity in the flat area in which I live. Neither is Nascar-style driving but I've driven in crazy conditions in MN. However, we don't just park wherever there might be room, in any direction, or on sidewalks.

Today, we got our bikes (mine rented) and rode to the Museum of Modern Art. It was 15euros and it had art from different galleries around the world. One of the pieces, Home For The Homeless (I believe) was the scariest thing I've ever seen. It was in a tent, and a separate exhibit near the artist too. There were dummies made out of garbage bags and wearing hoodies with REAL people's faces on them talking. When I got to the artist's exhibit area, she showed me how it worked- the faces were projected onto white masks. It was cool but FREAKY. Best pieces there, I think. Very original.

Then we continued riding around the city, along the Tiber River, through (in no order) Piazza del Popollo, Trastevare (my favorite & where the American University is that I was going to attend), near the Vatican and other areas I am now forgetting. We didn't really stop so the pictures I took are all while moving. We rode for 6 hours and I don't think I've had that much cardio in years. It was a nice, quick way to see the city though. It's very beautiful.

As for forgetting what you've heard: Italians do, in fact, wear jeans and tennis shoes daily. You do not eat gelato every day. There aren't THAT many people that know much English. Nothing is close to anything else. I'm sure I am forgetting a lot of things here but future entries will include more.


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