Saturday, November 27, 2010

a star is born...

"This is it, kid. SING!" --A Star Is Born (1954)

Here we go! Today marks the beginning of something wonderful: my random thoughts fleshed out onto the internet in more than 140 characters. I have been struggling with the idea of doing this for quite some time and am still unsure there is an audience for the hurricane swirling in my brain. My conclusion is that putting thoughts out into the universe can help organize my mind by realizing certain truths or trivializations when they are right there in front of me.

As soon as my paperwork is all in order, I will be starting my Masters in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language in January, 2011. Please don't judge my grammar 100% in this blog- ha! It is a top goal to produce quality writing but we all know thoughts don't always emerge in tangible form on the internet. I will do my best though.

A fire was lit under me yesterday when a customer came into my part-time job and described me as "reminiscent of Judy Garland"- my idol growing up! I almost cried on the spot but withheld the happy tears until I got home. Then I continued to hold them in while deciding it was finally time to write this blog.

With this introduction finally out of the way- and speaking of fire- I have an important announcement to make: my neighbor does not know how to use a fireplace. I sure hope my renter's insurance is up to date. My nose and eyes sting like an angry beehive. Yeowch!


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