Saturday, November 27, 2010

you don't win fair, but you win.

Why do people have "online" wars a la twitter and facebook?

-To provide everyone else with mind-numbing entertainment!

I don't understand the airing of "dirty laundry" online and I'm really not that invested in any of it. But I will still sit here, read it, and laugh. See? I can't even remember what I was going to write about it.

Mind-numbing indeed.

Just don't do it. Nothing is worth public shaming. You'll forget what you were fighting with someone else about 2 hours later, unless you have nothing better to do.

Do I not have better things to write about in entry #2? Of course!:

Viva Italia! I remember when international airfares were half the price they are now. That was 12 years ago but still. The only thing that has changed is our level of cynicism. Oh and the way we have to handle security in our airports because of fun-ruiners. Can't we all just get along? Now we have to pay upwards of $400 in taxes just to get somewhere to escape. Ah, escapism at its most expensive. The American dream deflated!

I digress. Ooh, bad segue. Back to Italy. A few months ago, I was trying to choose between Florence and Rome. I chose Florence and returned all of my Rome library books for Florence ones. I even flipped through all of them, only to receive an email that I was indeed going to... Rome. I am fine with that. I got to choose 3 destinations for my overseas experience and Paris was my 3rd choice, as I have already been there. My travels are not extensive- flying between home in CA and my old home in MN in the dead of winter did not count. I went to Europe in high school as part of my French studies. My family was not well-off but found a way for me to go anyway. Going overseas and also moving across the country count as the most life-changing experiences I have had to date.

Which reminds me, I'm getting old and need to go to bed. I do work 7 days a week though so age may not be the problem at all. It's just that thing you say when you realize the concept of time has escaped your memory, even if you look at the clock several times and realize only a couple minutes have passed in your mind's thinking that the gap was longer.

I don't know. I'm tired. Buona notte!

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  1. You write like my sister! Wow, it's amazing. She was a Libra too and an excellent writer, even had several short stories and was working on drafting a few novels before she passed. I'll have to let you read one of her FB blog posts. I always said you two should be in a club together. lol. I think she would have loved you. Very like-minded people.