Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's all happening...

My next round of paperwork for ITALY was turned in last weekend! Now we begin the more in-depth paperwork in order to match me up with a family, since I am doing a homestay. I have to translate some of this next batch of paperwork into Italian!

Today, I got my new passport photos taken so I can send my passport in Monday for renewal.

Last weekend, I bought new luggage for my trip (London Fog!) with the swiveling wheels. Instead of two 28" pieces, I opted for one 28" and one 24"- the 24" was on clearance for $64! My search continue for a carry-on that will match, otherwise I will be just fine with the one I got a couple months ago from a giftcard my part-time mall job had given me. It has a giraffe pattern so it doesn't quite match my classy London Fog luggage but it's a carry-on so I'm not as concerned about it matching. I haven't measured it yet though. Carry-ons can be 24" x 14" x 9". The LF dome bag carry-on I want is selling for $48 on sale, but I found a brand new one on ebay that I forgot to bid on for $17.99 (and it sold at that price too... *kicking self*).

My US Italian family that I part-time nanny for gave me a book of the "First 1000 Words to Learn In Italian." It's pretty awesome. It has pictures just like a kids' book to help learn faster. I also had my first Italian language class last Monday night!

Everything is becoming very real!!

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