Wednesday, February 9, 2011

take this sinking boat and point it home

FINALLY mailed my passport in for renewal today- despite it still being WAY below 0F. It will arrive in Philly on Friday, take 4-6 weeks (est) and be sent back to me via overnight service. Yeah!!

Now to finish the letter to my new future host family and find some family pictures as well. The translation of my form to the Italian consulate- in Italian- is completed but I want to send it to my Italian instructor to proofread. Making a mistake on a short answer-formatted form TO Italy would be beyond embarrassing.

I really shouldn't type so late at night. It's just not very poetic. But that's really all I have for updates regarding Italy today. This blog will chug along like my VW up my current nanny family's icy, steep driveway until closer to trip time.

Choo choo!

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  1. Just curious, how does one apply for an Italian VISA?
    Did you compile an online form (just like the ESTA module for EU citizens wanting to travel in the US)? What about the length of the VISA? Is it valid for the whole European Union or just Italy? :)